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Founder and Owner


Before moving to Detroit, my family would visit in the summers. We’d come during the African American Festival that was held at Hart Plaza. As a kid I can remember being completely enthralled with all that was going on. Detroit has always been a place of magic & wonder to me. Once my family relocated here I embraced the hustle attitude of the city & just a few years later I began to sell fashion and art. I will impact the region by continuing to promote, build & brand all that is cool about Detroit & it’s creative community.
— Clement Brown Jr.

I began making & selling T-shirt’s in Detroit in 1992, when I was only 12 years old.

By 2002, I had placed my own brands in well over 600 stores internationally. In 2009, I was successful in registering a Federal Trademark for a creative “spin” on Detroit’s area code 313 by naming it “THREE THIRTEEN”. For the past 10 years, I’ve worked towards adding value to our City of Detroit by utilizing THREE THIRTEEN as a platform to expose & support the best we have to offer in Retail & Service.

I’ve always been considered the “underdog”. I’m small in stature & I’ve always had to “stand up” for myself. Early in life, I learned that I’d have to “go the extra mile” & put in more effort than others to win at anything or to have a chance at accomplishing my goals. I developed an attitude of “don’t quit” in my younger most formidable years & this attitude translates in my approach to overcoming limits today. Building a business from an idea, without resources has required me to utilize the same strategic thinking and resourcefulness that I’ve had to employ all my life. It’s second nature to me to see problems as growth opportunities. It’s natural for me to face adversity whenever I attempt to grow. As a first generation business owner I’ve had to make the hard decisions and sacrifices in order keep growing.

How Clement Gives Back:

BMe - BLACK MALE ENGAGEMENT 2012 BMe Leader Award Recipient
GOLDMAN & SACHS 10k Sb *Alumni - 1st Corhort

Clement’s Blue Sky Goal:

I’d like to build a word class production, training & sales facility dedicated to building Detroit’s Fashion Community.