The Vanguard Awards is a signature Detroit Young Professionals event and the preeminent peer-selected awards ceremony for Metro-Detroit emerging leaders. For the 8th year, this event will profile the outstanding efforts of young professionals and entrepreneurs growing and excelling in their respective fields. These individuals influence the growth, prosperity and quality of life in Metro Detroit. They demonstrate the ability to positively impact the area long-term through professional accomplishments and community involvement. 

This year's theme is "Redefining Leadership."  We are excited to honor our 2018 award recipients, who have demonstrated their potential as amazing leaders, and connect with several past Vanguard Award recipients who have taken on unique leadership positions in our community. 

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Charles Dabrowski

Danielle D. Hughes

Donnell White

Dr. Paul Thomas

Edi Demaj

Jennyfer Crawford


Jessica Herron

Katy Cockrel

Keenan Covington

Kerry Doman

Lauren Clayborne

Marc Hudson


Mary Sheffield

Mike Ferlito

Nicole Lindsey

Sam Hamburger

Randy Foster

Timothy Paule


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2017 Vanguard Awards Video Recap

Digitally experience the 2017 Vanguard Awards through our recap video and get excited to celebrate at the 8th Annual Vanguard Awards.

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The Legacy

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Discover the outstanding young professionals and entrepreneurs who were honored at past Vanguard Awards ceremonies. 


Honoring young professionals and entrepreneurs who are dynamically impacting Detroit by redefining leadership.