Andrew Stein is the Executive Director of City Year Detroit, an education-focused nonprofit that places seventy-one AmeriCorps members in seven Detroit schools for one year of full-time service providing whole school support and targeted student interventions.

“City Year is making a measurable difference on two huge issues in Detroit right now:  education and talent attraction.  We currently have 71 City Year AmeriCorps members.  I want to double that number to double our impact.”

In 2004, after graduating from Michigan State University, he spent a year serving as a City Year corps member in Washington, DC, where he worked in the schools and neighborhoods in Southeast DC. After his service, Stein attended law school at Georgetown University. Born and raised in metro Detroit, Stein and his family moved home two years ago to make a long-term commitment to serving this community.

“Anyone who works with me knows that I'm constantly thinking about how City Year can be better and how I can be a better leader.  When I recognize an area for growth in myself, I think of people who are strong in these areas and seek them out as mentors.  I'm transparent with them that I admire a certain quality in them and want to better understand why they're so good at something I feel I'm not. Then, I ask a ton of questions.  And then, (and this is the most important part) I shut up and listen!”

Stein is deeply dedicated to his work and the mission of City Year. His commitment to equity and opportunity for Detroit youth is further illustrated by his service as a Board Member for New Detroit as well as the Detroit Achievement Academy/Detroit Prep Foundation.

“I've met some of my closest friends through service -- individuals who I may not have crossed paths with otherwise.  I've come to learn and appreciate our differences. But more importantly, to see the common humanity we all share.”

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