Russell Harris is the Chief Dream Director for the Future Project and was previously the principal at the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy on the Northwest side of Detroit. Under Harris’ leadership, 99% of the academy’s class of 2016 graduated and 100% of the class have also gained acceptance to post-secondary opportunities. Russell believes that all kids can learn and is on a mission to provide a quality education to urban youth regardless of their household income and zip code.

“I chose to pursue my passion in Detroit because Detroit was at the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality education. Detroit had recently filed for bankruptcy and I wanted to be apart of the movement which provides opportunities to all, no matter your socioeconomic status.”

Overcoming many obstacles from being homeless, to growing up in a single parent household of eight children, Russell was the first male in his family to graduate with a high school diploma, undergraduate degree, and master’s degree.

In 2016, Harris served as a fellow for the Detroit Chapter of the New Leaders Council.

He recently completed studies at the Harvard Principals’ Center and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Summer Institute for General Management (SIGM).

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